METCO is a petroleum contractor who provides installation, service, and environmental consulting for fuel system applications, such as retail gas stations, municipalities and government institutions, and industrial facilities. Their website was due for a refresh—it wasn’t mobile friendly—and as a growing company, METCO saw an opportunity to enhance their branding with a new, more modern website.


As the business grew, METCO wanted to leverage digital marketing to further improve brand awareness, and to help customers and prospective customers better understand the value METCO could provide. What’s more, because of the continued growth, management needed to recruit new, quality employees. In the tight labor market and because of METCO’s rural location, recruitment can pose a significant challenge. They knew the website would be central to all of those efforts, so together, we devised a plan to redevelop the website into a robust sales, marketing, and recruitment tool.

Key Features

We started with a modern design that would look great across all devices, including mobile. METCO wanted an industrial feel that would appeal to their target audiences: oil jobbers (the companies that supply gas stations), gas station owners, and facilities managers / purchasing departments. We used their established brand colors—grey, black, and orange—while maintaining plenty of whitespace so the design wouldn’t feel dense or heavy. Finally, we used a variety of photos to visually communicate what METCO does.

As part of the redesign, we advised METCO to adopt a content marketing strategy focused on providing value to their visitors. We incorporated News and Project Portfolio sections which would allow them to publish resource-style information, examples of their work, and industry and company updates. Visitors are then encouraged to sign up for an eNewsletter to have this information delivered right to their inbox.

Finally, we introduced a revamped Careers section with detailed job descriptions, and an employment application which can be completed and submitted electronically.

Services Provided

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Organic Search Increased


New Users Increased


Time on Site Increased