Just Security
(at New York University)


Based at the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law, Just Security is an online news resource reaching hundreds of thousands of readers each month aiming to promote principled and pragmatic solutions to problems confronting decision-makers in the United States and abroad.

The site owners' main concern was search results taking far too long to load while other issues were the site performing clunky at times, their inability to perform required updates and poor mobile performance. The back end also needed improvement to make certain repeated tasks easier on their 1700+ contributing authors.

DigiSage stepped in and completely rebuilt their website from scratch including an update to the design which organized the content into a more user-friendly layout. The client immediately noticed the drastic change in speed and performance on the front end while the back end became more efficient for the authors and editors. The new lighter-weight theme was able to increase their GTMetrix performance grade to an A. DigiSage took several steps in achieving the upgrade including:

  • Rebuilding the entire WordPress theme to be far more efficient.
  • Removing over 15 plugins which were either poorly maintained, not in use or could be replaced with custom-coded functionality.
  • Updating the content entry process by not forcing manual cropping of images, previewing how the entry will look when shared to social media and many other updates.
  • Installation and configuration of the highest-ranking premium search plugin which:
    • Loads results extremely fast
    • Includes documents and authors in search results
    • Orders search results by importance based on selected criteria

Services Provided

  • Website