Gaskets, Inc.


Gaskets, Inc. fabricates seals made from high temperature textiles, as well as expansion joints and other heat resistant materials. They were excited about the prospect of a new website that would better position them in the market, while taking advantage of new technology that would make it easier for them to manage the site themselves.

Key Features

Following a strategy session with key company staff, DigiSage created a polished design that remains true to the Gaskets, Inc. brand and showcases the company as the industry leader they are.

  • Subtle elements like parallax scrolling add visual interest, while large text and images make the site easy to read and navigate
  • Visitors are invited to browse the variety of products Gaskets, Inc. offers, or to request a quote for custom products quickly and easily online
  • Visitors can select multiple products, then send an inquiry to receive additional information on those products
  • On-site “advertising” lets Gaskets, Inc. cross-promote their new or popular products
  • A language selector allows visitors to choose to view a Spanish-language version of key pages of the site, an important utility as Gaskets, Inc. seeks to expand their customer base in international markets.
  • eCommerce functionality was built into the site, which can be enabled at any time

Services Provided

  • Website