Wettstein Brothers Electric

The Wettstein Brothers Electric website was due for a redesign; the same site had been in place for over six years and the design was dated, it wasn’t mobile friendly, and it was hardcoded in HTML, making it impossible for staff to update on their own. Owner Andy Wettstein knew that a redesign would help present the modern, customer-service oriented image they wanted to convey.


When Wettstein Brothers Electric turned to DigiSage for help, we had plenty of ideas for how to modernize the site and improve their online presence, but we began by facilitating a strategy session with key staff to first determine what sets them apart, what their vision for their brand was, and to better understand their design preferences. We also conducted a competitive analysis to better understand the local market.

Following the strategy session, we created a custom design concept, then, with approval of the design, we quickly programmed the site, added content, optimized for search, tested, and launched!


Just three months after launch, the new website was already vastly outperforming the old website:

  • 29% increase in sessions
  • 27% increase in visitors
  • 28% increase in pageviews
  • 25% increase in average session duration

According to the client, “Your team did an amazing job on the site! It makes a world of difference from our old site.” 

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