Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is a competitive place–millions of websites vie for visitors’ attention with each search that is conducted. So how do you ensure your website gets found? The answer is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization is a way of enhancing your website to encourage the search engines to rank it well (ideally on the first page of the search results) for phrases your target audience is searching for. To understand how SEO works, it can help to understand how the search engines work.

DigiSage can help your website rank better in the search engines:

  • Site audit to identify areas for improvement
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • On-page enhancements
  • Site structure and HTML improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Conversion to responsive, if needed
  • Link building
  • Social media integration

SEO is a great investment in the long term performance of your website and should be considered a critical component to any marking strategy. It can not only generate more (and better) traffic for your website, it can also improve your site for live visitors, because the tactics used to increase your rankings in the search engines generally improve user experience for people, too.