Digital Marketing

The Internet is a competitive place–millions of websites vie for visitors’ attention. So how do you ensure your website gets found? DigiSage can help craft a digital marketing strategy to drive relevant, good quality traffic to your website—and what’s more, we can provide the tools to help generate leads or sales.

A few key areas of digital marketing that we can help with include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a way of enhancing your website to encourage the search engines to rank it well (ideally on the first page of the search results) for phrases your target audience is searching for.

Search engine optimization

Paid Search

Like many business owners, you may feel frustrated by a lack of traffic to your website–maybe you’re not getting enough traffic, or maybe you’re not getting enough of the right traffic. Paid search marketing can provide a fast and affordable solution.

Paid Search (Google Ads)


While a seemingly simple task (sending emails!), there are important considerations to be aware of, and mis-steps to avoid. DigiSage can help you develop and implement a workable strategy to meet your email marketing objectives.

Email Marketing

Social Media

Whether this is your first foray into social media marketing, or you’re trying to re-energize your efforts, we can help you do social media marketing right. We can help you put a plan in place and provide the training your team needs to maintain the effort in house, or we can fully manage the program for you.

Social Media Marketing