Resident TECH is now DigiSage

September 16, 2016

A message from Karen

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I created Resident TECH in 2003 with one mission – to provide superior personalized customer service in online marketing. As the company has grown over the past 13 years, I am proud to say the Resident TECH team has exceeded that goal.

Technology is ever evolving, and good businesses must adapt to change. For this reason, I have decided that now is the right time to sell Resident TECH to DigiSage Inc., a company that has been integral to the success of Resident TECH over the last decade. The leaders of DigiSage are already working as programmers on many of your accounts and I am confident they will not only provide the same quality of customer service Resident TECH has, but keep your company evolving with changes in technology.

I have been honored to serve you over the years. I will be transitioning into a new chapter of life and focusing on a family business based in Phoenix, Arizona. Ensuring that you are left in good hands has been a huge priority for me during this decision-making process; and I know that DigiSage will provide a quality of service that exceeds my expectations, just as they have as part of the Resident TECH team over the last decade.

Thank you so much for your business over the years. I wish you all the best of luck. To learn more about DigiSage, please read their message below.

Karen Herrman

A message from DigiSage

What to Expect

You can expect no changes in service or pricing. Existing rates from Resident TECH will remain as is; there will be no increases in fees or costs whatsoever. Having been close partners with Karen and Resident TECH for nearly ten years, we know the standard of service you are accustomed to. DigiSage aims to provide the same personal and prompt customer support Karen has provided you all along. Your website will not experience any downtime or transition as it will remain where it is and continue to be hosted and supported without any changes. i.e. no changes will be made to usernames, passwords, IP addresses, etc.

The only difference you’ll see is the name Resident TECH will now be DigiSage, Inc. effective immediately. Communications and invoices will come from or one of us personally. We email our invoices 30 days before their due date and typically invoice monthly. We accept credit cards and payments by check. If mailing payment by check, please note the updated address on the invoice.

Meet DigiSage

DigiSage, Inc. is a team of two brothers who are passionate about helping small businesses grow by providing exceptional web development and marketing services. With guidance from their father, Bob and Tim Lindner built DigiSage from a side business to a full-time venture between 1999 and 2008. Today, DigiSage serves over 150 customers from small-town Wisconsin businesses to large national brands.

Karen and Resident TECH were an integral part of DigiSage’s success and we are sad to see her leaving the industry. We wish her all the best as she pursues new challenges in Arizona. Through the years we’ve had the opportunity to provide support and development services for well over half of Resident TECH’s customers. We are looking forward to providing the same level of service to you, her loyal customers, as this was one of her primary concerns.

Bob Lindner - La Crosse, WI

Bob has been working with websites since his time as a student network administrator for the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in 1994. Bob has a Master of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the UW - La Crosse and has worked as a professional web developer, product manager, engineering group manager and senior software engineer prior to leaving the corporate world to work with the family business full-time. Bob lives in La Crosse, WI with his wife and two sons. When he's not working on websites he can be found on the bike trails or off in the woods trying to combine the hobbies of geocaching and photography.

Tim Lindner - Green Bay, WI

Tim has been developing websites since 1997 while still in high school. Tim also has a Master of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Prior to being full-time with DigiSage, Tim has worked as a professional web developer, software test engineer and a multi-platform software engineer. Tim lives in Green Bay, WI with his wife and two children. When not doing web development he enjoys traveling, photography and spending time with family and friends.

How to Reach Us

The best way to contact us is by emailing which is an address that both Bob and Tim receive. This ensures you will receive a prompt reply even if one of us is out of the office or occupied.

You may also contact one of us directly at:

Bob Lindner <> or (608) 790-4165
Tim Lindner <> or (920) 309-2651


We want to make this transition as smooth and worry-free as possible. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for your support of Resident TECH.

We look forward to working with you as DigiSage,
Bob & Tim