Kaukauna Utilities

Website Redesign

Kaukauna Utilities is a community owned and operated electric and water utility, serving more than 13,500 customers in the Kaukauna area. As a local, community-owned utility, Kaukauna Utilities strives to provide reliable service with a friendly, personal touch; they work to make it easy for customers to get the information they need, and to sign up for or cancel services. Knowing that the website is one of their most important communication channels, they made the strategic decision to revamp the site to better meet customers’ needs. When they turned to DigiSage for help, the website wasn’t mobile friendly, was difficult for employees to manage, and looked old and out-of-date—and they knew they could do better.


Working together, we developed a list of objectives for the new website:

    • Provide a great user experience, especially on smartphones (such as click-to-call functionality)
    • Clearly communicate announcements, new energy programs, Water Flow reports, meeting agendas and minutes, and other, often time-sensitive information
    • Offer an easy means for community members to notify Kaukauna Utilities of street light outages
    • Streamline website updates and maintenance

Key Features

Collaboratively, we identified the information visitors would be most interested in or would be accessing most frequently, including phone numbers, announcements, and River Reports; and the actions visitors might want to take on the website, such as paying their bill and checking the river flow levels.

The website has diverse users, so it needed to be organized in a way that would make it easy for each group to find the information most relevant for them:

  • Power / water consumers
  • Building contractors that would be building in Kaukauna
  • Students or teachers researching hydro power and other energy-related topics
  • River users interested in accessing up-to-date water flow reports
  • Utility commission members

After conducting an audit of other utilities’ websites to identify best practices, and keeping in mind the objectives for the site, we created a custom design that is modern, professional, inviting, and UX (user experience) focused. It is designed to work equally well on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

The website was then developed on the WordPress platform, to make it easy for staff to update themselves. Now, staff can easily update water flow reports, publish news items, and even turn on an “alert” bar that displays prominently across the top of the website, which can be used to notify members of outages and other advisories.

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